Divorce Is a Bittersweet Experience

Divorce is a difficult and painful experience. There is no refining it. Oddly, while divorce is viewed by experts as one of the most stressful transitions a person can endure, less is said about the reality that divorce is also an opportunity for a genuinely beautiful new beginning. If you are facing a divorce or have already initiated the process, there are several awarenesses you can take with you on the journey. While they cannot diminish harsh reality, they can yield objective clarity and restore hope.

Professional Help Smooths the Transition

Divorce is a solitary proposition. One person is making a definitive break from another. This does not mean that you must go through this alone. Real help is definitely available throughout the process and getting professional help is truly well-advised. You may have friends and family who have been through divorce and they might have wisdom to share. Mental health counselors, however, have deep insights that those close to you might not possess. Remember, if you have young children, that teachers are professionals. They will work with you to help your children transition. Legal professionals can be tremendously helpful, as you may find with Divorce Attorney Tampa Florida. Professionals deal with these tough matters daily.

The Divorce Break Is the Beginning of Healing

As rugged as the experience of divorce may be, it is the signal that the time of brokenness is over and the time of healing has begun. This is not to say that, like a superficial cut, the healing will be over in short order. Psychologists say that there are four stages to healing after divorce:

  • The acute phase. People going through this, even when they anticipated the divorce, feel as if they are on “autopilot,” experiencing numbness and those crying spells that occur unannounced.
  • The acceptance phase. This is characterized by a greater readiness to move forward and build a new life.
  • The adjustment phase. This is where you unlearn the habits of years of marriage.
  • The healing phase. Here, you truly emerge as a new person.

The Divorce Process Is a Time to Dream

Lizzy Smith, a divorcee writing for Huffington Post, observed that during her divorce process, she followed the sage advice of Winston Churchill, who said, “If you are going through hell, keep going.” Smith went on to write a list of the best things about being divorced. Divorce is not unfairly compared to birth. You get to become whoever you decide to be.