3 Ways To Gain Canadian Citizenship

A change of pace and scenery can be good for the soul. Sometimes that means moving to a new place, adapting to a new culture and climate. Immigration goals vary by person, but at the heart of all of them tends to be a desire for something better. Canada offers a chance to branch out and live somewhere friendly and prosperous. To enter though, the government does have high expectations, asking incoming potential citizens to demonstrate financial stability and solid character. It’s not as simple as crossing the border. Their laws are very clear and precise; therefore, before you file for citizenship, you’ll want to understand the country’s expectations and the different options available. Here are three methods that could work for you.

1. Connect Through Family

You may apply for immigration status by asking to join someone else in your family. Known as spousal sponsorship this opportunity actually applies for several relationships such as dependents, partners and spouses. Fill out the necessary paperwork, and be aware of the regulations. All sponsors should be over the age of 18, have the ability to care for those coming in, and currently hold citizenship status with good standing. Those that are unable to care for people or who have various criminal records may be denied.

2. Show Long-Term Work Commitments

Before you enter Canada, begin to network with companies that could benefit from your knowledge and services. Currently, the country allows for 38 occupations to qualify under this status. Locate a reputable and reliable institution to hire you. Live there on a permit or start your job distantly. File showing that you have the ability to continue with employment and successfully support yourself and any dependents for at least six months. Sometimes this may include asking your employer to vouch for your contract.

3. Prepare To Invest

The Canadian government tends to welcome people who desire to foster economic growth. Under the business immigration plan, potential candidates may gain entry if they can show that they have the interest and the ability to invest in the country. Be prepared to show prior entrepreneurial experience and have the capital to create a start-up. In addition, it’s not enough to bring money to the table. Expect to put in man-hours as well.

Select the pathway that best suits your needs. Just remember that Canada has high expectations for its citizens. Be prepared to demonstrate character, commitment and hard work. When they welcome you to their home, they believe that you should enjoy it and enhance it.