6 Ways to be Politically Active

Finding ways to be politically active is important whether you lean right or left. Being politically active can help you be more involved in strengthening your community and growing as an individual.

Displaying Your Views

Do you have a favorite political candidate, slogan or point of view you want to be heard? Displaying your political viewpoints is a great way to show support. You can do this by wearing a fill-in-the-blank custom t-shirts. These t-shirts are useful because they are machine washable, which means you can use a special pen to write different political messages. Whether you are showing who you are voting for or policies you support, t-shirts are a wonderful tool in expressing yourself.


Community outreach is an important part of staying politically active. Whether you volunteer at a cultural center, church, homeless shelter or food bank, the opportunities are endless. Supporting your community helps you see how you are making an impact and what can be done to strengthen your community. Finding volunteer opportunities near you is easier than it may sound. Through VolunteerMatch, you can connect with local organizations and make a difference.

Attend City Council Meetings

Attending a city council meeting will help you understand different points of view while sharing your opinion.  Through this opportunity, you will also get to know your council members, residents and have a better understanding of local politics.

Continue Research

Researching is key to forming any opinion. You can continue your research by reading multiple sources of news, social media outlets, online research and being involved in your community. After reading through all the information, be ready to watch debates. If you can go in-person to a debate bring a list of questions to ask your candidate. Being prepared will help not only you but also those around you. Knowledge is power.

Share Knowledge

Once you have compiled your knowledge through research and being involved in the community, please share your knowledge. You can share through talking with community members, family and friends. While social media is a great tool, in-person communication is key to helping people understand why you support certain candidates and their policies. Spread your knowledge and keep debates respectful.


Lastly, make sure you are registered to vote. Plus, you should also be encouraging your friends, family and community members to vote. Voting gives you a voice and the opportunity to change a community. Let your voice be heard.

Expressing your political views will help you gain a connection to your community and a sense of purpose to drive change. With so many options, find what works for you and be the change you want to see in your community.