7 Ways to Know if a Lawyer is Reliable

Having a competent lawyer can help you get out of bad situations like financial disputes and property settlement. While not all cases may need legal representation, you should find reliable and competent counsel. The chances of winning a case will depend on that. With the number of attorneys growing every day, several ways can help you tell if you have chosen the right one. They include:

Honesty and Transparency

A reliable attorney needs to be honest when it comes to legal fees. This is one of the critical issues that you should discuss with the attorney when you first meet. Also, depending on the case involved, legal fees are going to differ. A transparent lawyer will break down the cost and explain to you any additional fees that are included. If you notice a lawyer being dodgy when it comes to matters regarding their price, then you should not hire them. Your budget would be best if you know the amount expected from you upfront; that way, you can choose whether to proceed or find a different lawyer.

Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge and experience are fundamental when it comes to determining the reliability of your lawyer. Whether it is a criminal defense attorney or a personal injury attorney, your lawyer needs to have experience dealing with cases like yours. That increases your chances of winning. While you may not be sure that they will win the case, it gives you hope that there is a good probability.

Good Listener

A good listener is one of the qualities to look for in a lawyer. Put yourself in a situation where you have visited the lawyer’s office for a consultation. As you explain your case to them, they will either check other files or keep interrupting you to do something else. This will show you that you cannot rely on such a lawyer. A great lawyer will take down notes or record this information. They will ask for clarification where they do not understand and even respond to any concerns you have


As a client, you should be able to reach your lawyer at any time. Issues regarding your case may come up, and you want immediate consultation with your lawyer, even if it is on their off day. A reliable lawyer will be available all the time to answer any questions. They should not make you feel like you are disturbing them; rather, let them address all the concerns that may come while they are in your service.

Keeps you Updated

You need to be updated on any developments regarding your case. You cannot be in a state where you keep wondering what progress has been made regarding the issue. Even in situations where things are moving slowly, let the lawyer call you and explain that.

Effective Communication

Not everyone is familiar with legal language. It can be confusing when you are in a meeting, and the lawyer keeps using this legal jargon that you do not get. A reliable attorney will break down everything to you in simple language that you can grasp.


As much as the attorney is on your side, they need to be objective too. If they empathize with your situation, they may argue your case from an emotional perspective rather than facts. Let them retain a professional relationship even as they seek the truth regarding your matter.

Getting a reliable lawyer is what stands between you and going to jail, or whichever other consequences that will accompany the loss of the case. You can ask family and friends to recommend attorneys or research how to find good lawyers. Since you are spending money on this, you have to choose someone who will value your money.