Advice For Encounters with the Law

It can be quite unnerving if you have an encounter with a law enforcement officer. Whether is a simple traffic stop or something potentially more serious, it is likely to be stressful, sometimes very much so. Remember, in the United States, you are presumed innocent right from the outset.

Be On Your Best Behavior

Always be on your best behavior when interacting with the police or any other peace officer. The key thoughts to keep in mind are:

  • Stay calm and clear-headed
  • Comply with all officer requests
  • Be courteous, even if you feel stressed

By maintaining your cool and complying, you ensure that there will be little possibility that the situation will get any more stressful.

What If You Are Arrested?

In many cases, especially for a small issue, there will be no additional ramifications. For example, if you are stopped for a malfunctioning headlight or turn signal, the best thing to do is thank the officer. He or she may simply tell you to get it repaired at your earliest convince and you can be on your way.

In other cases, the matter may be more serious.  Even in an extremely stressful and serious situation, it is imperative to maintain composure and comply with officer requests. Never resist reasonable officer requests and never verbally abuse the officer. Doing so will only make a tense situation worse.

In some cases, you or a loved one may be placed under arrest. You still have important rights, even when under arrest, including the presumption of innocence and the right to remain silent if you wish. Once under arrest, it is likely that you’ll be taken to a police station for further processing. You may also be required to stay in jail.  If you are indeed placed under arrest, you may need bail bonds Allentown PA.

What is Bail?

Bail is an amount of money that a defendant must post in order to be released from custody prior to their trial. It can be a large amount of money. Its purpose is to ensure that the accused shows up for the trial date.

Protocol if You Need Bail

If you or a loved one needs bail, and don’t have enough money of your own, then contact a local bail bondsman. They are in the business of bailing people out of jail and they’ve done it numerous times. They will streamline the process for you.