Are you experiencing neglect or abuse in a nursing home?

Contact a criminal lawyer to talk about whether your rights have been violated. Are you or a family member experiencing neglect or abuse in a nursing home? If yes, then contact a allentown nursing home abuse lawyer.

There are many individuals who have died or have become mentally ill due to the negligence of nursing home staff members. A competent lawyer will help you get justice and compensation for any suffering you have suffered.

Why is it important to contact an attorney for these individuals? These victims are not only entitled to monetary compensation, but they are also entitled to mental anguish and physical agony. Long Island has one of the highest incidences of residential abuse cases in the nation.

The attorney will explore all the legal remedies available to you as a victim. You may be able to hold the responsible party responsible for punitive action against other members of their family. The family members may face jail time if they refuse to face charges.

Another reason to contact a lawyer for these victims is the physical abuse and the neglect they have experienced. There are many different types of injuries these residents have sustained, including broken bones, cuts and bruises. Some of the other injuries include drug abuse, battery and birth injuries. The injuries can range from minor to life-threatening depending on the gravity of the incident.

If the resident suffered serious neglect they might include broken bones, scalp trauma and internal bleeding. This type of incident can have lifelong consequences. Nursing homes sometimes fail to treat these individuals for these injuries.

As a result, the victim suffers even more injuries later in life. If you think you might be a victim of nursing home’s negligence, contact an attorney right away. The sooner you seek legal representation, the more likely your attorney can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

These types of cases are sensitive and often involve accusations of verbal or mental abuse. However, many attorneys specialize in both emotional and financial abuse and can advise you on whether or not you have a case. The emotional and financial abuse might include threatening the residents with violence, denying medical treatment or denying the patients’ basic needs.