What Are Bail Bonds?

If someone close to you is under arrest, you will most likely need to secure Warren County bail bonds to help get him or her out of jail.


A judge sets a bail amount after an arrest. If paid, this releases your loved one from jail. In addition to the payment, the defendant agrees to attend all court dates. The court returns the cash at the end of the trial if the person fulfills all the requirements. If he or she misses a court date, however, he or she forfeits all the bail money.


When police officers arrest people, they take them into custody. Then, they transfer the people to a criminal processing facility or jail. If there are charges filed, the accused have to remain there until they are released on bail or until the case is over.

If people cannot pay the bail amount, they will stay in jail until the case is over. It can take months for trials to begin, so making bail is vital to ensuring their freedom during this time.

Bail Bondsman

Most people don’t have enough cash to post bail. Bail bonds are similar to a loan. You pay a nonrefundable percentage of the bail amount to a bond agent. Then, the bondsman pays the remainder for you. A bail bonds agent not only provides the money to the court but also takes on the risks involved. If you fulfill your court obligations, the bail money is returned to the bondsman when your case is over.


You most likely need to provide collateral to your bail bonds agent. Providing financial assurance reduces the bondsman’s risk if your loved one does not show up for a court date. Types of collateral are typically something like a deed to property you own such as a house or a car.

Bail bondsmen are accepting most of the financial risk. Because of this, they take precautions to ensure the accused attends court hearings. They call to remind of upcoming court dates and sometimes require check-ins at their office. These small inconveniences are worth the freedom of being released from jail.

Bond Dealers

Even if you can afford the full amount of the set bail, finding a way to pay can be tricky. Once arrested, the jail takes away all personal items, including cash. Not all jail locations accept credit cards. If they take credit cards, there is a fee involved. You will pay only a small percentage of the bail if you use a bond agent.

When you or your loved one is in trouble, having a trustworthy, knowledgable team by your side is essential.