Essential Winter Driving Tips For Safety of Your Family and You

You may have got your car hit an ice patch and thus, loss control. Also, you may have stuck in a snowbank. But do not worry, there are various solutions for it. You can even consult a Personal injury lawyer in Barry for more details if you have ever met with accidents during Winter.

Here are how you can drive safely during winters:

  1. Learn to come out of the Snowbank

You may get stuck in the snow at some remote place. What are the steps which BMW Business Contract Hire you should take in such a scenario?

  • Use the shovel to clear the path of having snow. Always keep it in your car trunk.
  • Check that windshield and headlights are not blocked by snow.
  • Use salt and kitty litter for melting the snow so that tires get the traction. You can use a solid wooden board too.
  • Drive the car in low gear so that you can get out of the rut easily.
  • The best way is to keep the wheels of the car completely straight to get momentum. You can rock the car too for pulling off the car from a snowbank. But keep in mind to prevent the spinning of tires.
  1. Keep winter driving essentials in your car

There are important things which you should have in your vehicle if you get stuck somewhere in the snowy night.

You should have an ice scraper, blanket, a first aid kit, hand warmers, flashlight, flares, jumper cables, and extra washer fluid. This is useful in times of emergency.

  1. Check the battery

Due to cold weather, your car battery may get affected. Hence, you need to check it at the shop before going for a long drive.

4.Learn how to drive on ice and also know about black ice

Black ice is formed when the temperature turns to 32 degrees. Also at that time, the rain is falling. Overnight the melted snow will convert into black ice. It is a thin layer of ice so you may get stuck. Hence, keep your car slow when you spot it. In case you lose control, the best is to stop the car.

  1. Keep gas tank half full during winters

This is to prevent your car to get stuck in between. It can help in starting the car and your car gets enough traction on slippery roads.

  1. Do not stop while driving on slopes or hills

While you are driving uphill, it is best to drive slowly without stopping. This way you can avoid skids.

  1. Maintain your vehicle and install winter tires

Before going for a long winter drive, it is best Used Ford EcoSport Cars to check if the vehicle is proper. Also, to avoid slips, get winter tires installed in your vehicle.

  1. Always keep a safe distance

There should be at least two or three car lengths gap between the vehicles while driving in icy conditions as advised by a Personal injury lawyer in Barry.